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Paladino Mining & Development Corp. (Paladino) is a duly registered Philippine corporation with primary interest in the mining, processing and marketing of Feldspar. Since 2012, the company has entered into joint production and processing with PAH-SHU-QHUIN MINING AND DEVELOPMENT CORP., represented by Alice Raval who for 2 decades are mining and supplying local and foreign customers such as Philippine Standard, Pacific Ceramics, Republic Glass, Mariwasa Manufacturing, Pioneer Ceramics, Fil-Hispano, San Miguel Brewery, Pacific Enamel and Glass and Royal Tern.

In May 2014, Paladino has registered as a mining, processing and mineral marketing corporation with its main mining claim totaling 648 hectares located in Pasuquin, Ilocos Norte.

Paladino’s main objective is to become the largest supplier of Feldspar in the Ilocos Region. Our intention is to grow our business by pursuing both internal and external growth opportunities. We have a strong combined history of making smart, entrepreneurial acquisitions and we will continue to explore opportunities. We will also advance our promising pipeline of development projects while supporting our operating mines. The combined skills and expertise with our US partners will be a central component of our future growth.

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Paladino Mining & Development Corp.
Penthouse 11
VGP Center 6772 Ayala Ave
Makati City, Philippines

T: (632) 754-9930
E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Feldspar and Its Uses

Feldspar is a light-colored rock-forming mineral used in the manufacture of glass products, ceramics and other products. Feldspar provides glass hardness, workability, strength, and makes it more resistant to chemicals.


Paladino Mining & Development Corp.'s main objective is to establish Pah-Hsu-Qhuin, Philippines as the largest supplier of Feldspar in the Ilocos Norte area.