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Operations - Raval Mining Claims, Philippines

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Laoag, Ilocos Norte, PhilippinesThe Raval Mining Claims are located 350 meters above sea level, seven (7) kilometres from the Km. 511 post of the National Road in Barangay Sulongan, municipality of Pasuquin, in the province of Ilocos Norte.  They are 518 kilometres north of Manila and 31 kilometers north of the Ilocos Norte capital city of Laoag.  The nearest commercial port is at Currimao, some 57 kilometers to the south.  Currimao Port is 420 nautical miles from the Taiwanese port of Keelung.



History of the Mining Claims

In 1954, Dr. Pablo J. Raval started exploring for Feldspar in the mountains of Pasuquin, Ilocos Norte.  By the early 1960’s, the Bureau of Mines granted spouses Pablo J. Raval and Lolita Lorenzana three (3) mining claims 25-year Mining Lode Lease Contracts over a total area of 24 hectares.  Dr. Raval succeeded in developing the mines supplying a number of glass and ceramics clients, including: Philippine Standard, Pacific Ceramics, Republic Glass, Mariwasa Manufacturing, Pioneer Ceramics, Fil-Hispano, San Miguel Brewery, and Pacific Enamel & Glass.  During the period between 1969 and 1972 a diamond drilling study was conducted by the Bureau of Mines estimating the Feldspar reserves at 21 million metric tons.

Raval Mine ClaimUpon the death of Dr. Raval in 1973, the eldest of the Raval siblings, Ms. Alice Raval took over the operations of the mining business under D’5 White Mountain Marketing, a single proprietorship owned by her. Meanwhile, in 1975, Philippine Standard entered into a fifteen year operating agreement with the Raval family for the use of one of the mining claims with minimum guaranteed earnings for the Ravals.

In 1985, prior to expiration of the lease contracts, Mrs. Alice Raval-Ventura renewed the Mining Lease Agreements for another 25 years on behalf of the heirs of Pablo J. Raval and Lolita Lorenzana. From 1983 to 1995, Mrs. Alice Raval-Ventura through her company, Pah-Hsu-Qhuin Philippines Mining Corporation exported some 350,000MT of raw Feldspar to Taiwan.



Geological Setting

The mineral claims areas are mostly underlain by clastic sediments, followed by ultramafic rocks and the remaining small portion by collaine limestone.

The mineral deposits found in the areas are Feldspar, silica quartz, and limestone. The deposits occur generally as discontinuous, irregularly shaped to lenticular, dike-like masses in intruding the serpentinized peridotite.  Their contact with the host rock is sharp in almost all outcrops that could be observed.  Large and small fault structures located within the vicinity of the claims are believed to be one of the main contributing factors in the localization of the Feldspar deposits.



State of Development

The roads leading to the mine site had already been established since the time D’5 White Marketing and were upgraded by Pah-Hsu-Qhuin Philippines in 1997. The mine sites are accessible by 4x4 vehicles and dump trucks.

Through the years, a significant number of Feldspar pits have been established identified to specific to customer requirements.

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Feldspar and Its Uses

Feldspar is a light-colored rock-forming mineral used in the manufacture of glass products, ceramics and other products. Feldspar provides glass hardness, workability, strength, and makes it more resistant to chemicals.


Paladino Mining & Development Corp.'s main objective is to establish Pah-Hsu-Qhuin, Philippines as the largest supplier of Feldspar in the Ilocos Norte area.