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Paladino Management & Development


Paladino Mining & Development Corp. (formerly Paladino Management & Development Corp.) is a duly registered Philippine corporation with primary interest in the mining, processing and marketing of Feldspar.

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Raval Mining Claims


The Raval Mining Claims are located 350 meters above sea level, seven (7) kilometres from the Km 511 post of the National Road in Barangay Sulongan, municipality of Pasquin, in the province of Ilocos Norte.

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Paladino Mining & Development Corp.
Penthouse 11
VGP Center 6772 Ayala Ave
Makati City, Philippines

T: (632) 754-9930
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Feldspar and Its Uses

Feldspar is a light-colored rock-forming mineral used in the manufacture of glass products, ceramics and other products. Feldspar provides glass hardness, workability, strength, and makes it more resistant to chemicals.


Paladino Mining & Development Corp.'s main objective is to establish Pah-Hsu-Qhuin, Philippines as the largest supplier of Feldspar in the Ilocos Norte area.